Unlimited Nationwide Coverage



Unlimited Talk & Text


Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

AT&T-$90/mo with wifi hot spot & TV Service

Unlimited Talk,Text, & Data(NO CAP) Plus 10G of hotspot & Our IPTV Service.  Up to 6 devices to stream our tv services.


Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data 


Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data 


Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data 

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Porting your number?

Yes!  You can keep your same number. Give us a call and we will send you a new sim card before we do the switch.  No downtime in your service. We will walk you step by step in the activation.

What Cellular network do we use?

Most of the time we use AT&T nationwide GSM Network. We do have access to all networks.  H2O= ATT  Red Pocket = Sprint,Tmobile, Verizon

Are all of the plans really unlimited?

Yes. All of the plans are unlimited. If the plan has a cap and you reach the max cap (20G) the data will slow down to 2G speeds. However, some plans have no cap. Truly unlimited..

Do we offer Hotspots?

We are working very hard to bring you the best unlimited hotspot (Coming Soon)

Our $75 AT&T plan does come with a 10GB wifi hotspot using your phone.

Can I make international calls?

Yes.  Depends on your plan.

Do you have auto bill pay?

Yes.  You can sign up with credit card, paypal, or your checking account and we will bill you monthly.