Voip phone systems home & business

Residential Plans 19.99 a month

Unlimited Local                                                             Call Forwarding 

Unlimited Long distance                                                Call Return 

Voicemail                                                                             Calling Name Retrieval 

Online Portal                                                                       Calling ID Block 

Alternate Numbers                                                           Call waiting 

Anonymous Call Rejection                                         Do Not Disturb 

Last Number Redial                                                         Online Call Records  

Pre-configured Devices                                                   Speed Dial 


Business Lines $34.99 a month / per line

Unlimited Calling                                          Voicemail

Online Portal                                                 Account Codes

Alternate Numbers                                      Anonymous Call Rejection

Busy Lamp Field                                           Call Forwarding 

Call Hold                                                         Call Intercept

Call Park                                                         Call Return

Call Transfer                                                  Calling Name Retrieval

Calling ID Block                                            Call waiting

Do Not Disturb                                              Extension dialing

Hunt Groups                                                  Last Number Redial

Voice Message Notification                       Voice Message Waiting Indicator

Voice Message To Email                             Music On Hold

Online Call Records                                     Pre-Alerting Announcement

Preconfigured Devices                               Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Rejection                              Sequential Ring

Shared Call Appearance                             Three Way Calling 

Speed Dial

Basic Business lines $29.99/mo


Other Voip Services

Sip Trunks $24.99/mo

  • Unlimited outbound calls to the US48 and Canada
  • Unlimited inbound calls to your local numbers
  • Upgrade channels in real time as needed
  • Sized by number of simultaneous calls you need

Fax to Email $9.99/mo

  • Incoming faxes are sent to your registered email address as a PDF
  • Send document attachments from your registered email address as outbound faxes
  • View a history of your sent and received faxes on our web portal

Virtual Numbers $5.00/mo

Would you like to have a local number presence in key markets? Need  a virtual office on the other side of the state?  No problem with virtual numbers.

Toll Free 800# $5.00/mo

plus .03 per min. Can be routed to any number.

Auto Attendant $19.99/mo

Have your call directed automatically based on time of day and day of week.  Incoming calls can be directed to dial by extension,dial by name,or use the automatic operator transfer features.

PBX Systems Coming Soon !!

In House PBX Systems